About Us

FACTS is about sourcing and providing information. Information is KEY to decision making. Wrong information leads to wrong decision with its ripple effects. Fact-based information generates useful and profitable decision.

We are a data collection institute that is professionally focused. With our wide coverage, FACTS possesses a considerable wealth of experience and knowledge of the African continent for high quality and cost effective information delivery.

FACTS trains, conducts and inspects data collection across Africa simultaneously with our internal quality control system guidelines.

Our clientele constitutes of global, regional and local full service market research institutes, other data collection institutes and large and medium sized enterprises operating in the African markets.

Are you wondering – how to get consumers’ opinion? How to get people feelings about their environment; political, social and economic? How to gather data from a remote African village?

Do you need that fact-based information that will enable you take the right decision and make the right choice? FACTS International can be your only contact point in Africa, for at FACTS, quality is predictable.

Strategic Framework

FACTS International Ghana Limited derives her strength within her three pillars framework.


To be the continent leading FACTS provider.


To provide consistent and predictable quality raw information that serves basis for decision making for maximum customer and social satisfaction


  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Timeliness

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