Patrick is a grassroot researcher who embraced marketing research over 10 years ago as a field supervisor and graduated within the industry to become a quality controller, and occupied many functions in research operations; regional manager of operations, zonal coordinator, country head and general manager, before joining FACTS International Ghana Ltd’s MD. In the course of his duties, Patrick successfully handled numerous clients account with local and international organisations and has a vast experience of the African continent for having traveled to most of its parts to conduct research surveys.

He holds and advanced diploma in Marketing and entrepreneurship and is a member of various marketing professional bodies: ESOMAR, NiMRA and PAMRO.

FREDRICK MAINA, Country & Regional Head

Fred is the Country & Regional Head at FACTS. Prior to joining FACTS, he had worked with several research agencies in the East and central Africa. He holds a bachelor degree in Human Resource Management and a Professional Certificate in Project Planning and management and a Certificate in HIV/AIDS and substance and Drug abuse. He joined the group as the Country & Regional Head of FACTS Insight East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. He has over 10 years experience in data collection and project management and is a member of ESOMAR.

PAPY WAKODOLO, Regional Director

Papy Wakodolo is the Regional Director at FACTS. Prior to joining FACTS, he had worked with several research agencies in the East and central Africa. He holds a bachelor degree in business administration and an advanced diploma in law. He joined the group as the country head of FACTS Consulting in the DR Congo. He has over 10 years experience in data collection and project management and is a member of the Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO).

AMOS BOATENG, Associate Director

Amos Boateng is an Associate Director at FACTS. A highly talented and enthusiastic Marketer with great deal of experience in negotiations, conducting surveys, leading focus group discussions and retail audit to obtain data on competitors and to examine prices, sales, methods of marketing and distribution. Proven track record of providing highly reliable information for effective decision making on the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of products and services. He holds a BSc. Degree in H. Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Pest Management from Nigeria Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR). Prior to joining FACTS, He had worked with several research agencies in the West and East Africa. He has a rich expertise in Agriculture in Africa and Agriculture related studies.

He currently works with The Candel Company Ltd as an Agronomist and Territorial Manager of the Northern Belt of Ghana.

NENE MORISHO, Senior Consultant

Mr. Nene Morisho is the senior consultant of FACTS International Ghana Limited, your contact point in Africa. He holds a Master degree in Economics and another Master degree in developmental studies and a PhD in economic geography. He has thought and delivered speeches on a variety of subjects including project management, development economics, macroeconomics and statistics and public finance. He played a key role in the research on climate change and trade in the commonwealth African countries, the research on regional integration in COMESA, SADC and EAC and several others. He has represented VSF Switzerland in clusters of food security and rehabilitation of refugees. Endowed with languages, Mr. Morisho speaks 6 different languages including French, English, German, Swahili, Lingala and Kinyarwanda.

JUMOKE YAA LAFENWA, Research Consultant

Ms. Lafenwa has extensive training and experience in the area of project management and  coordination. In the past four years she has served as a project manager, coordinator or team  leader in numerous projects around Africa for both local and international research agencies. In  the capacity of coordinator on these projects, Ms. Lafenwa helped with the development of  questionnaires, coordinated field operations, including enumerator trainings and data collection,  supervised data entry, ensured adherence to project sampling methodology, and engaged in  quality control activities. She holds a B.Sc. in Engineering and an M.B.A. in general management  and is a Project Management Professional graduate and facilitator. She is a member of the  Nigeria Market Research Association NiMRA, the Pan African Media Research Organisation  PAMRO, and European Society of Marketing, ESOMAR and the CEO of Okin Consult Ltd.